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All vehicles are equipped with a GPS tracking system. Customers can have a password to access the system so that they can know where their cargo is at all times.

Warehousing and distribution

Our warehouse and logistics platform in La Selva del Camp (Tarragona), includes collection and storage in optimal conditions. With leading technology and great flexibility, quality and service for a nationwide storage.


Full load


bulk cargoes

sandach category (cat.3)



Discover our fleet and vehicle types

Our fleet

We have a fleet of more than 30 vehicles equipped with the latest technological advances, capable of transporting any type of full load goods throughout Europe. A team of more than 30 in-house drivers undergoing constant training guarantees compliance with our customers’ quality standards.

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Subitur Transports somos una empresa de reciente creación que se forma gracias a la unión de sus socios, los que tienen años de experiencia en el sector, y el propósito de dar a sus clientes el mejor servicio y cobertura en logística y transporte de mercancías generales. servicio y calidad servicio y calidad servicio y calidad servicio y calidad servicio y calidad servicio y calidad servicio y calidad servicio y calidad



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At Subitur we are a guarantee of professionalism and urgent service. We offer you the best service and quality. Service and quality are our pillars.